Delivery Driver Safety


The head contractor has a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of delivery drivers while they are on site. This is not always easy to do. Below are some points for consideration:

  • Do you have signage in place to tell them to report to the site office and what PPE applies to them?

  • Do you communicate to your subcontractors that delivery drivers are to report to the site office prior to offloading?

  • Do you check that delivery drivers have a ticket to operate the plant they are using? - Consider a separate sign in register for delivery drivers that’s asks them for their ticket information and confirms that they have been inducted in to a SWMS

  • It is VERY important that delivery drivers, when not involved in the offloading process, either remain in the cabin or stand well outside the offloading zone. It is not uncommon for materials to fall off a truck or forklift during the unloading process and injure the driver who is standing close by observing.

Note that the OHS Regs, Section 338, states that Delivery Drivers are exempt from holding a construction induction card.