Prepare for the Windy Season

September and October are typically the windiest times of year for Melbourne

Make sure your site teams are prepared by considering the following:

- Loose materials are adequately secure

- Hoarding and fencing:

  • Built in accordance with design drawings or installation instructions i.e. correct bracing, and weights

  • When shade cloth is used the additional wind loading is allowed for in the design. NEVER use shade cloth if it is not included in the manufacturer’s specifications or engineered design.

  • Regularly inspected

- Don’t stack materials higher than the kick board along temporary fencing as it may blow over the kickboard

- Ensure dust suppression is available depending on the construction stage

- Ensure operators of plant are aware of the maximum wind speed that the plant can operate in. This is found in the operator’s manual.

- Hold toolbox meetings to remind subbies to ensure all materials are secured during and at the end of the day.